BT announced last week that it would be launching a nuisance call diversion service for its customers that will divert up to 5 billion nuisance calls each year to junk voicemail boxes.
Nuisance and scam calls are a continuing problem for UK consumers with many people being hounded both on their mobiles and landlines by unscrupulous call centres and criminals preying on the vulnerable.
CPR Call Blocker, a leading call blocking technology manufacture are uninspired by BT’s latest initiative and know that it won’t make much of a difference to most customers across their network.
Kristian Hicks, Head Of Marketing for CPR Call Blocker comments:
“While it may seem appealing for BT customers that nuisance calls will be diverted to a voicemail box from later this year, we are not confident that this offers a solution to the ongoing problem which blights millions of us on a weekly basis.
“At this news, nuisance callers and foreign call centres will already be mobilising their telecoms experts and putting plans into action to evade the call diversion service to ensure that their calls still reach the intended recipient. The fact that BT has announced its intention to launch this service later in the year has only given these companies a head start on how to circumvent the system.
“From changing their numbers on a regular basis through to anonymously calling their database, malicious callers will always find a way to get through. We are concerned more companies will be spoofing their numbers, we could even see a rise in the numbers that do not exist showing up on consumer’s telephones.
The only sure fire way of permanently avoiding these calls is to use home installed call blocking technology. Using a device attached to your landline, you can press the block button when you receive an unwanted call and permanently end communication from that number. As well as cutting the call off, the device ensures you will never hear from that number again. Our products are already pre-programmed with prolific nuisance call numbers so you’re off to a head start just by plugging the device into your phone.
“The problem with BT’s offering is that when customers do receive a nuisance call, they have to physically programme that number back in to block it and many companies hide their numbers to retain their anonymity, meaning BT customers will continue to be harassed by scammers.
“While we welcome any new developments to harness nuisance and scams calls, we are concerned that BT’s announcement is misleading for its customers and will lull them into thinking they will no longer be bothered by nuisance calls or, indeed, fall victim to a telephone scam. The issue of nuisance calls remains high on the news agenda and it will take a combined effort from telephone providers, UK and overseas governments and call blocking experts like ourselves to permanently end the problem.”
CPR Call Blocker manufactures a range of landline Call Blocking devices and has just release the free CPR Call Blocker App for Android mobile. CPR’s landline products are available on Amazon and through many nationwide retailers including Tesco, Argos and Maplin. For more information contact 0800 652 7780 or visit