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The Worlds Best Selling Call Blocking Devices

Finally A Solution To Stopping Nuisance Calls


Put an end to nuisance phone calls with the Worlds #1 Call Blocking Product the CPR Call Blocker. Pre-programmed with all rogue calling telephone numbers known to the Call Prevention Registry & the ability to block callers at the touch of a button, this is the complete solution to all unwanted callers.

The ‘Block Now’ button is located on the top of the unit. At the touch of this button the unwanted caller’s number is logged into the unit’s memory, hang up the call and the number is blocked permanently. Use this feature to block unwanted callers as they are calling you.

What can it block?

  • Silent Calls
  • PPI Calls
  • Recorded Messages
  • Overseas Call Centers
  • Harassment calls
  • Withheld numbers
  • Robo Calls
  • Unavailable Calls
  • VOIP Nuisance Callers
  • Prank calls
  • Spoofed Calls
  • Marketing Calls

D. Konig

Life is so much less stressful and massively more relaxed since I invested in one of these devices. I was getting up to thirty sales and erroneous calls every day. After less than ten minutes this amazing device was intercepting all the rubbish and I was a VERY happy man!

These Heaven sent devices will figure Very heavily on my Christmas list this year and should on yours!

They are so much more versatile and feature-packed than anything else currently available.

Buy a few and introduce them to friends. You will be Mr Popularity within a week!


Charlotte Barnum


Thanks to the 4000+ testimonials written by our valued customers the CPR Call Blocker is now the most reviewed home telephone product in the world!

You can view some of these here on our website as well as our resellers websites.

Hopefully these will help to convince you that the CPR Call Blocker really is the Bee’s Knees.

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One of the best purchases I have ever made. We have been plagued, mainly with calls from overseas call centres but not any more. We occasionally get calls from British companies pushing the usual i.e. home insulation, PPI mi selling, Double glazing, etc. These calls are immediately zapped mid flow with just the push of a button, which is, oh so satisfying.

The best part of this device is that it is tiny and unobtrusive, plus it is very affordable. What more could anyone want?

The phone is amazingly quiet now which is utter bliss!! I would have no hesitation in recommending this device to anyone being driven crazy with pesky unwanted calls. Peace to all!

What’s Included?

CPR Call Blocker + Cable + User Guide

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Warranty

Lifetime Telephone Support

Free 48hr Royal Mail Delivery

Note: Caller ID must be enabled on your phone line for this product to work effectively.

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News Update 05/14 -  Due to BT’s recent Caller ID update International Calls are to now be blocked by using the code **7#00#