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CPR V5000 Call Blocker

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CPR Call Blocker V5000

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Comes with pre-programmed 5,000 of the worst scam numbers.

Block an additional 1500 numbers at the touch of the Block Now button.

Simple and easy to manage your call & block lists.

Choose to Block calls from withheld, unavailable or international callers.

Easy & hassle free Set-up.

Call Blocking Technology
The Big Red Button
5000 Known Scam Numbers

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Protect yourself against all scam calls and all unwanted calls at the touch of a button.

The CPR V5000 puts you back in control of your privacy & turns your home phone back into an instrument for communication not frustration.

The big red button

Give those annoying calls the red-button treatment with the CPR Call Blocker.

Not who you expected? Hit the 'Block Now' button and the caller will never ring again. The V5000 also comes with a built-in unblock feature, making it simple and easy to manage your call & block lists.  

pre-programmed with 5000 scam numbers

Pre-programmed with 5000 of the worst offenders, the hard work has already been done. 

Just plug it in to your pre-existing home phone and you'll soon bring back the tranquility and peace to your home.

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With over 1 million customers worldwide, see what some of them have to say.

"I cannot praise and recommend the CPR V5000 highly enough, at last we finally have peace and protection."


Verified Amazon Customer


"This has been a godsend & blocking numbers is so easy too. It has brought me so much peace. I set it up in under 10 minutes and it is very satisfying to press the big red button to 'Block Now'."

Helen S

Verified Amazon Customer


"An excellent piece of kit. Once you have received an unwanted call and pressed "Block Now", that is the last you hear of the caller. After a couple of weeks of blocking callers, our number of unwanted calls has fallen to near zero."   

Richard Bosworth

Verified Amazon Customer


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