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In 2005, our business was being bombarded with unwanted nuisance calls, as a result we registered with the TPS ‘Telephone preference service’ to stop this problem. We found that since registering with the TPS our unwanted nuisance become much greater, we decided to investigate why this was.

After very little investigating we soon found out that the TPS was in fact owned by the DMA ‘Direct marketing association’. On realizing that the TPS was owned by the DMA, we felt that something needed to be done to try and protect consumers against receiving unwanted nuisance calls, we then thought we could do a better job of preventing these unwanted callers ourselves.


We then started a company know as CPR, ‘The Call Prevention Registry‘, where consumers could sign-up on our website to stop unwanted nuisance calls.
Once a customer was registered with us should they receive any nuisance calls they would notify us of the offending callers number and report it to us.


Our complaints department would then contact that individual company and request our customers details were removed from their database, we would then ask the company to forward an email/letter confirming removal which we would then send a copy to our customers confirming the removal and the job had been done.

As the company grew we started to employ more and more staff as a result in growth we realised that more and more companies were also starting up. These companies were targeting consumers at home, most of these companies were known as scammers trying to steal the consumers hard earned cash.


We also realised that a lot of the companies were now contacting consumers from abroad. With the international companies growing and the international calls increasing we were finding it more and more difficult to make contact and get our customers details removed of their database as the companies would reply with (We do not need to comply with UK Law as we are international callers).


We now felt that we could not give our customers 100% satisfaction on having their details removed from these malicious companies which was unacceptable but nothing more could be done at this time.


After a lot of brain storming we felt that wouldn’t it be great if we could put the consumers directly back in control of their landlines so we teamed up with Swansea university and set out to design and manufacture a Call Blocker that puts the consumer back in control of their privacy and all the consumer would have to do was to push a button which would end the call and add the number to the call blocker.


We started the production of the call blockers in the beginning of 2010 and we managed to bring the call blockers to life by the end of 2010. We substantially now have over 700,000+ customers world-wide using our products to block unwanted nuisance callers, putting our customers back in control of their privacy.

Since then we have blocked a total of more than a billion calls, which continue to increase every day. Our aim is to establish trust in customer communication when answering the telephone. ‘’Otherwise you are blocked’’.

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  • SBD - SECURED BY DESIGN: CPR Call Blocker is proud to be certified by SBD. SBD (Secured by Design) is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime'.
  • TSA - TELECOMS SERVICES ASSOCIATION: The TSA have represented the "Call Blocking Technology association" (Which CPR Call Blocker is a part of) at round table meetings with Culture Minister MP Ed Vaizey, the telcos and regulators with the objective of giving Call Blocking Technology a voice at Government level.
  • TSI - TRADING STANDARDS INSTITUTE: CPR Call Blocker has been a proud compliant member of the CTSI for the past 4 years and has exhbited at the Annual CTSI Conference and been an event sponsor since 2011. In 2014 Wirral Council in association with Wirral Trading Standards purchased 1000 CPR Call Blockers to give out to vulnerable adults in the Wirral making it the largest Call Blocking Technology pilot ever to be undertaken.



Award Winning Company


At CPR we endeavor to go above and beyond consumers expectations. We are proud to be recognized by numerous regional and international awards:


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