Top 3 Scams to Watch Out For

Top 3 Scams to Watch Out For

As the British summer comes to an end and we head towards the autumn we’ve taken a look at three of the biggest scams doing the rounds to watch out for.


One scam that has started to pick up and is expected to continue to grow as University students arrive for the start of the academic year has seen fraudsters posing as members of the Home Office. They are attempting to intimidate international students in to paying fees to stop them from being deported and banned from the UK. Students Unions and national organisations have issued warnings about this type of scam and are urging international students to be cautious.


Another scam has been specifically targeting BT customers and offering them the chance to significantly reduce their monthly bill. Checks have shown the phone number to actually come from an unknown caller and they were unable to identify themselves when people have questioned them.


Recent reports have also picked up on scammers claiming to be from Association of British Insurers (ABI) and encouraging individuals to pay towards fake injury claims. The ABI have warned that they will never call individuals unannounced and ask for payment over the phone.


With nuisance and scam calls still as prominent as ever, we would strongly advise anyone to be cautious when taking an unsolicited phone call and never to hand out personal or financial information.


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