The Impact of Call Blockers

The Impact of Call Blockers

We love reading our reviews on Amazon and our 4.7/5 star rating shows just how many happy customers we have. We’ve picked out some of our favourite comments that showcase the difference that our call blockers make.

‘S.Howe’ spoke of how he started getting regular nuisance calls almost instantaneously after moving house and being allocated a new phone number. After purchasing our V5000 on recommendation he said: “Peace at last, a very welcome addition to the new home. This is now a very happy family with no more annoying phone calls.”

Some of our customers end up losing hours of their day to nuisance calls as they try to deal with the problem themselves. ‘Albert John Nurse’ said in his review: “I was experiencing several unwanted telephone calls every day. After over an hour of conversation they were only ever trying to sell me something. I installed the call blocker only 48 hours ago and the phone hasn't rung since. I only wish I’d purchased it sooner to save my frustration and anger.”


Problems in the workplace are another common issue amongst our customers. ‘sotiris zapties’ said: “We’ve been having serious problems with abusive international sales calls. One day we received close to 100 calls deliberately trying to disrupt my business just because I said I wasn’t interested.” After BT told him there was nothing they could do about the problem because no number was displayed on the incoming calls, he went on to refer to the call blocker as a ‘godsend’ stating: “Calls stopped the day I installed it. I pre-set block international calls and never looked back.”

Whoever and wherever you are, if you are receiving nuisance calls then we have the solution to your problem. To view our full range of call blockers that could have the same positive impact on your life visit view our range here.