Stay Protected From Telephone Scams This Christmas

Stay Protected From Telephone Scams This Christmas

We know it's been a tough year. And while some of us are convinced that the year 2020 is a cursed year, the idea of celebrating Christmas somehow makes a lot of people think that everything’s going to be better. Imagine wearing your favorite Christmas jumper, tea around 6pm, mince pies, and listening to the annual Royal Christmas message. This holiday never failed to make us all feel like we’re kids again.

However, there’s a reason why Santa still keeps a naughty list. And during this time, we can almost guarantee that scammers are on top of that list, so make sure you’re on the lookout for these holiday telephone scams.

Charity Scam

Of course, it's the season of giving. And we know that scammers will take advantage of this! If you receive a call from someone asking you to donate to charity, make sure to check out the organisation first before making any actions. Usually, being a little pushy when asking for donations is a tell-tale sign that they are not legit. 

Also, you can always go to or to verify the charity they mentioned.

Father Christmas App Scam

If you're a parent, you only want the best Christmas time experience for your kids. Perhaps, a personalised phone call and a video message from Father Christmas himself will make them happier? Well, that's exactly what this scam is all about.

The scammer will ask you, over the phone, if you would like your child to get calls and messages from Father Christmas on Christmas Day for free. If you say yes, they will ask you to download an app and sign up - that's how they get your information.

Gift Card Scam

Who doesn't like gifts? If someone calls you to tell you that you're getting a £200 gift card for Christmas because you've been chosen randomly at a lottery online, you'd probably feel excited, but also a little bit suspicious.

The way this scam works is that the caller will tell you that you won a gift card and that it will be sent via mail. Therefore, you are required to share your information to the caller to get it. And who knows if you’re really going to receive your gift?

Holiday Job Scam

We know that it's been a tough year, and a lot of people lost their jobs. Some might even be hoping to at least get a part-time gig during the holidays. However, you should be careful when someone randomly calls you and tells you that they need extra help for the holidays.

While this might sound like a good opportunity, they could also be just attempting to get your personal information.

Don't let fraudsters ruin your holiday! Stay knowledgeable about popular schemes, and don't just let anyone get your personal details. If you have a landline, get yourself a call blocker so you won't have to worry about them anymore. 

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