With 85 per cent of people saying they no longer trust any contact with businesses via the phone, we reveal the five biggest ongoing phone scams.
The figures, released by CPR call blocking, show that 90 per cent of us prefer email communication to direct phone contact.
One in seven people asked by CPR have lost out to sophisticated scammers in the past year.
While most lost out on under £50, a staggering one in eight lost over a thousand pounds.
Here we reveal the 5 biggest ongoing scams, and how to avoid them.
  1. Virus Hoax
    You are called by so-called 'Microsoft Windows Support' who inform you of a virus on your computer and asked for your passwords to fix it.
  2. PPI refunds
    You are told you are owed money for mis-sold PPI payments and asked for an admin fee to proceed.
  3.  Prize scam
    You are told you have won a large prize and are asked to pay a processing fee or call a premium rate line to claim your prize.
  4.  Bank account problems
    Someone claiming to be from the bank informs you of a problem with your account and requests security details including your PIN.
  5.  Noise rebate
    You are told a place you once worked has been condemned as being too noisy and you are entitled to a rebate and then asked to provide personal details.
The overall advice is to remember that no reputable business will ever ask for accsess to your finances.
Genuine prizes handed out by companies must obey strict laws.
For more information see the federal trade commission's website here.
Lastly, if it's too good to be true, it probably is!