cpr call-blocker

Nowadays, you might feel like your phone is constantly buzzing with fake PPI claim calls.

But now, police are warning the public to hang up the phone immediately if you don’t know who is on the other line - especially if they ask ‘can you hear me?’

The major phone scam has affected many in the US and is set to make its way to the UK very soon.

So how does it work? A local number will call you and the person on the other line will introduce themselves and the ‘company’ they supposedly work for.

However, they will then ask: ‘can you hear me?’

Your answer is recorded and if you say ‘yes’, your response will be edited and used to appear as if you’ve agreed to making a big purchase.

This means that your voice signature is effectively being used to sign you into a verbal contract.

According to the Sunderland Echo, CPR Call Blocker has been a large rise in the scam and believe it will affect Brits very soon.

Kris Hicks from CPR Call Block said, ‘In our experience of working across the US and UK, scams spread quickly across the pond.’

Police have also warned that your voice could be used to authorise a stolen credit card.

So next time you pick up the phone and you’re asked ‘can you hear me?’, or if you’re just not sure who is on the other line, hang up immediately.

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