Mirror Press - 5 Phone Scams

Mirror Press - 5 Phone Scams

5 phone scams to watch out for right now - the criminals that are calling you to hack your account

Unwanted phone calls may be annoying but they also have a much darker side - rogues make a small fortune from those who get caught out by their scams.

Nine out of ten people in the UK receive between five and 30 nuisance calls per week - one in five end up victims of scams.

Fraudsters rake in huge sums as a third of people lost up to £50, a fifth between £100 and £500, while one in eight got scammed for up to £10,000.

CPR Call Blocker has identified the top five telephone scams people get caught out by - the calls you need to be very wary of.

Top 5 telephone scams:

  1. Being called by so-called Microsoft Windows Support saying your computer has a virus and they need your passwords to fix it. Don’t ever give anyone your computer password.

  2. A crook claiming to be from your bank or HMRC saying there’s a problem with your account or tax bill and they need your security details, including your PIN. A bank or HMRC will never ask for PINs.

  3. An offer of an unmissable investment or the chance to access pension savings early.

  4. Messages asking you to call back after a missed call - and the number is a premium rate line.

  5. Being told you have won a large prize and being asked to pay a processing fee or to call a premium rate line to claim your prize.

How to protect yourself

  • Don’t assume anyone who has called your phone or left you a voicemail message is who they say they are.

  • If a phone call or voicemail offers you a deal, asks you to make a payment or log-in to an online account, be cautious.

  • If in doubt, check it’s genuine by asking the company it claims to be yourself. Never call numbers or follow links provided in suspicious emails; find the official website or customer support number using a separate browser.

Stop the rogues

If you have any doubt at all about a caller being genuine put the phone down.

The only way to help stop fraudsters from stealing money is to report suspected fraud/scams to Action Fraud at actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.


Original Article from Mirror 7/7/17