Launch of the Guardian II

Launch of the Guardian II

This month we are launching the CPR Guardian II watch, through its many different functions and uses, the watch allows people to stay safe, active and independent in the latter years of their life. It can also offer peace of mind to family members, loved ones and anyone with concerns about the wellbeing of another.

Described as a great product for older people, carers and vulnerable individuals the Guardian II uses modern technology to track users and links back to an app so that loved ones can be safe in the knowledge of their whereabouts. It also doubles up as a phone, with a two-way voice calling 

Some of the key features of the Guardian II include:

  1. Emergency assist SOS button – In an emergency, pressing the button will contact a list of pre-set contacts and automatically update the wearers GPS location.

  2. GPS tracking – The Guardian II uses GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi connections to continuously update others of the user’s location.

  3. Heart Rate Monitor – Track users heart rate to check for irregularities.

  4. Geo Zones – Alerts can be sent to an app every time someone enters or leaves a set geo zone.

    The Guardian II represents a huge step forward in technology that deals with emergency situations and can provide a helping hand to the emergency services.

    Earlier this year stats showed that the longest delays for an ambulance in the UK were up to 62 hours. Although these were extreme cases, they still point to the strain on the emergency services and highlight how the Guardian II can become a helpful tool in reducing this.

    For example around a third of people aged 65 or over fall at least once a year, the usual response to this is to call an ambulance even though this may not be needed. With the Guardian II, a wearer could contact anyone from their list of set contacts to seek their help and assess the situation first. If no one can answer their calls then the watch will be able to alert emergency services.

    This is just one of the many ways that the Guardian II can assist individuals to live a fulfilling and active life with peace of mind over their safety.

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