How to Battle Spam Calls on Your Landline Phone

How to Battle Spam Calls on Your Landline Phone

If you're like most people, the phone on your desk is probably the one you use most often. But if you've ever gotten a spam call on your landline, you know that having to deal with unwanted calls can be incredibly frustrating and even potentially dangerous.

In this article, we'll explain some of the best ways to battle spam on your landline phone and keep yourself safe from scams like telemarketing scams or charity fund-raising scams.

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

1. Block Spam Callers

If you’re receiving a lot of spam calls, there are multiple ways to block them.

You can block a number by calling your phone company and asking them to block the number on their network. However, this may not be an option if you have a pay-as-you-go plan or don't have access to landline phones in your area (like some cell phones).

If you don't want to buy a new home phone and your service provider can't stop annoying calls, you can buy a separate call blocker and connect it to the phone you already have.

These often work the same way as call blockers built into phones, in that they have a "black list" of numbers or categories of numbers that stop calls from coming in from those numbers.

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

One of the greatest call-blocking devices on the market is the CPR V100k Call Blocker. This gadget is useful for preventing spam and robocalls. The CPR V100K comes with a spam registry with 5000 known Robocall spam numbers. You may also block another 1500 numbers if you like. You may add the numbers to the block list with a single press.

2. Change Your Landline Phone Number

You can also change your landline number to a private one. This will help prevent spam calls and text messages from being delivered to your house, but it's not quite as effective as the other measures listed here.

If you want more control over who calls you on your landline, consider using a service that masks or forwards all incoming calls to another number (or numbers) entirely. This will ensure that only those people calling in need know where exactly they're going to find you—and no one else does!

Another option is blocking any incoming calls from appearing in your phone book. This way, there won't be any way for someone else other than yourself or friends who know how hard it is sometimes when we're trying desperately not just answer them immediately but also explain ourselves properly before hanging up again later on down the road.

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

This is a great way to ensure privacy and security, but it also makes it clear that you're not available for anyone to contact you—so if someone does call or text in the future, they'll know right away that their message won't be returned any time soon.

3. Sign Up for the Telephone Preference Service

The most effective way to block a number is to sign up for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

They will add your number to a list of those who do not want to receive sales or marketing calls. Salespeople from the United Kingdom and elsewhere are prohibited by law from phoning TPS-registered lines (lines registered with UK telecommunications companies).

Computer-generated marketing calls—commonly known as robocalls—are not prohibited by law because the statute only applies to human beings, not machines. You can contact your phone service provider for information on how to stop these calls from coming into your home or business telephone lines.

To register for TPS, you can fill out a registration form online. If you aren't able to do that, call their hotline. You may also register by texting 'TPS' and your email address to 85095.

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

Even if there are no calls from telemarketers, it's still possible to get a call from an entity that disregarded the law. You can file complaints at TPS’s website against firms that disregard the restrictions on such calls; typically, victims of fraud are duped into donating money.

If you suspect a caller is attempting to commit fraud—for example by requesting donations or offering prizes in exchange for personal information—report it immediately!

4. Use a Call Blocker

Phone-blocking systems are available for landline phones. They work by blocking specific numbers or all numbers and can be set up to block calls from specific regions or all regions. You can also choose how long a blocked number will remain on your phone before it automatically unblocks itself (this is especially useful if you have a new phone that gets assigned to another person).

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

If your provider does not offer a call-blocking system, you may be able to get one from another company. If you don't want to upgrade your phone, you can buy a separate call-blocking device. Call blockers work in a similar way to call blockers built into phones—blocking calls from certain numbers or categories of numbers.

5. Let the Machine Pick Up the Call

If you're not sure whether a call is spam, let the machine pick up the call for you. This will prevent any calls from being placed on your phone line and wasted time spent managing them. Check the message after it rings and deletes any messages that seem suspicious or could be considered spam. If there are no obvious signs of spam in the message, return the call by pressing 1 when prompted by voicemail software (or press “1” on your landline phone).

You may want to leave a message for the caller, asking that they remove you from their contact lists. If you get another call from the same number within 24 hours, hang up immediately and report it as spam to your phone service provider or local authorities.


If you want to make sure that your landline phone is protected against spam calls, then it's important to know how these calls work. The first thing you should do is block the number of the callers so that they can't get through to you. This will stop them from calling again in the future and save you time and energy dealing with them!

How to Battle Spam on Your Landline Phone

To permanently block a number in the UK, it is highly suggested you use a call-blocking device. Our call blockers are designed to protect you and your family from unsolicited phone calls and allow you to unwind at home. If you need to sort calls, check out our products or give us a call so we can help.