A new study has found that eight percent of people living in Northamptonshire have reported that they have received a "staggering" 26-30 cold calls on a monthly basis.

The company behind the study, CPR Call Blocker also found that the average person in Northamptonshire receives 12 spam calls every month.

Kris Hicks, from CPR Call Blocker, who commissioned the research says: "Our survey shows that as a nation, we are still being hounded by unscrupulous calls centres, despite politely asking to be taken off databases and being careful about giving out our details in the first place.

"It’s often the most vulnerable people in society who are the most susceptible to being scammed over the phone and our research shows that nuisance calls rank highly on the list of concerns we have for elderly relatives living on their own."

The most significant types of nuisance calls received in Northamptonshire are PPI claims and car accident compensation followed by automated marketing calls.

The survey then reveals that one in five of us have handed over money to a charity because we felt guilty and pressured rather than taking a genuine interest in the charity.

People in Northamptonshire are starting to worry for the most vulnerable in the county with 21 percent saying nuisance calls are the biggest concern for elderly relatives handing over personal details on the phone.

According to new research 22 percent of people from the county have admitted that they have either been scammed over the phone or know someone who has been.

Kris added: "So what can we do to empower ourselves against nuisance callers? There are several options such as adding your details to the Telephone Preference Service and giving out a call blocking number such as 01111111111, when asked to provide your phone number on a form. You can also complain to Ofcom and report nuisance numbers to the Information Commissioners Officer.

"An immediate solution to the problem is to install a call blocker to your land-line which allows you to cut off unwanted calls as they come in and permanently stop them from calling you again."

Despite the people of Northamptonshire who have told cold callers to stop ringing, more than half of residents have had a nuisance caller consistently call them over a period of time.

The survey was commissioned by CPR Call Blocker to highlight the scale of nuisance calls in the UK and to show that it is often the most vulnerable in society who are the worst affected by them.

Call Blocker, CPR has produced the V5000 is a cold call blocker that is already installed with 5000 known nuisance phone numbers and gives consumers to option to add a further 1200.

This comes after the companies latest bid to crackdown on cold callers by telling people of Northamptonshire to plug the device into their land-line phone.

It has been reported that most consumers will then see an instant reduction in the number of calls being blocked.

If you are concerned about nuisance calls and want more information about how to stop them then visit www.cprcallblocker.com/tips