CPR Call Blocker supports the decision of the UK government to create a £3.5 million package to explore ways to protect vulnerable people from nuisance calls. CPR Call Blocker is especially pleased with the focus on the trialling and development of call blocking technology. With StepChange debt charity reporting that 3.2 million British adults were afraid to answer the phone due to nuisance calls, a national focus on call blocking technology is exactly what is needed.

​Mike Crockart, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West commented on the new call blocking technology project:    

“This day has been a long time coming, but £3.5 million is a significant investment in protecting vulnerable consumers and will make a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of people across the country. 

“What we need now is for the telecoms and financial services industries to step up and match this commitment.
“I will be making that point to them at the Vulnerable Consumers Ministerial summit which is coming up in the next few days.”
Call blocking technology was most recently proven as the solution to nuisance calls in the pilot study on call blocking technology conducted by Wirral Trading Standards with the CPR Call Blocker. During the two-month pilot study on call blocking technology over 750 participants, most of whom were elderly, installed a CPR Call Blocker device to manage and block unwanted calls. Three quarters of those participating in the study on call blocking technology found sales and survey calls to be a nuisance, with a quarter actually feeling angered or frightened by them.

The study also revealed that despite being registered on the Telephone Preference Service 80% of those involved were still receiving as many as six unwanted calls per day, with the most frequent relating to PPI claims, personal injury or simply silent calls. The device was also considered simple to use with 85% of vulnerable participants able to install the CPR Call Blocker easily. 90% of call blocking technology pilot participants reported that they felt in total control of those who called them after installation. Further, scam calls reduced to less than 1% of overall nuisance calls after installation of CPR’s call blocking technology.

We look forward to our partnership with the UK government in their call blocking technology programme. We are positive that we can make an historic dent in the nuisance calls industry and that call blocking technology in the form of the CPR Call Blocker is the ultimate solution to nuisance calls.