CPR Call Blocker Becomes One of First Welsh Companies to Feature on Amazon Choice in the US

CPR Call Blocker Becomes One of First Welsh Companies to Feature on Amazon Choice in the US

A Swansea-based company has become one of the first Welsh companies to feature on the new Amazon Choice service in the U.S.

CPR Call Blocker, which produces the world’s best selling standalone nuisance and scam call blocking device, will automatically recommended when users of Amazon’s Echo speaker, the personal assistant smart device, ask to buy a call blocker in the US.

Head of Marketing at CPR Call Blocker, Kris Hicks, said:

“We are extremely proud to be one of the first Welsh companies to feature on such an impressive new service as Amazon Choice and in a country the size of the United States. Unfortunately nuisance and scam calls are on the rise in the US but our easy to use call blocker can help tackle the issue at the touch of a button.”

The CPR Call Blocker device plugs into a landline and allows users to block unwanted calls at the touch of a button and is already pre-programmed with up to 5000 known rogue callers. According to Amazon spokesperson Kinley Pearsall, Amazon Choice chooses which products to recommend on a variety of factors including rating and shipping speed. There is no current way for products to request to feature on Amazon Choice, they must be hand-chosen by Amazon.

Kris continued:

“To become a featured product on Amazon Choice shows how well we are doing in the US and is testament to the positive ratings we receive day in, day out on the world’s largest retailer. In fact we are the world’s best selling call blocker with five different models to suit all needs and budgets.”

In addition to this, CPR Call Blocker’s presence in the US has been strengthened by the company teaming up with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office to run a unique pilot programme on nuisance and scam calls. CPR Call Blocker has supplied the Attorney General’s Office with its call blockers, which will be given out for free of charge to Arizona senior citizens who receive high levels of nuisance and scam callers on their landlines.

The participants in the programme will be asked to complete a short survey before the call blockers are installed and at the end of the 90 day programme to see what differences they noticed.

Kris said:

“We have worked closely with the police and trading standards in the UK to undertake similar pilot studies which have led to CPR Call Blocker becoming Trading Standards and Police approved in the UK. We hope to have the same success in the US and that Arizona is the first of many Attorney General’s Office’s that we engage with in helping to eradicate nuisance and scam calls.”

For more information on CPR Call Blocker visit www.cprcallblocker.com