Many have been receiving pre-recorded messages and cold calls from Clairvoyants and Psychics according to CPR Global. They have even gone one step further in charging unbeknown customers a premium rate without their permission.
Amid news of share fraud and computer virus fraud, the situation has worsened as bemused householders have been receiving mysterious messages from apparent Clairvoyants. One lady even informed CPR Global that she had received a voicemail message and was charged a premium rate for just listening to her message.
Scams like these are sometimes hard to estimate because the callers are often very convincing. Also, the majority of the public fail to check their itemised phone bill. This raises concerns to exactly how many people have unknowingly, been targeted by this sort of scam.
Research has suggested that there is sufficient technology available that can carry out this type of fraud. It is a daunting thought to discover that now householders need not even answer their phone in order to be scammed. 

On a website that offers advice to Clairvoyants regarding premium rate telephone charges, it states that a Clairvoyant can earn up to £66 in just one hour. When you consider that these people don't necessarily have any qualifications or indeed proof that the work they're carrying out is legitimate, it strikes an alarm bell. For a psychic who seeks to earn £60,060 by deceiving the public, surely cannot be a legitimate clairvoyant, or indeed have the morals of a genuine mystic. 
Whilst clairvoyants claim to see in to the future, they fail to recognise who does not want to receive their calls. This is where the CPR Call Blocker can help, by filtering out the most persistent companies known to CPR Global; the device can give the consumer back the privacy that they so deserve as well as avoiding deception and misleading claims.

The lady who was scammed recalled 'I have never even contacted a Clairvoyant, I don't believe in that sort of thing so I'm absolutely stunned as to how they got my details in the first place. This company has been repeatedly contacting me for some days now and it's getting tiring.”
The device itself is pre-programmed with 200 of the most persistent companies recognised by CPR Global. Its unique 'block now' button can also help to eliminate repeated future calls. With the ability to block up to 1000 extra telephone numbers, the device is helpful in preventing a range of calls from personal harassment calls, to scam calls, telemarketing calls, silent calls, pre-recorded messages and even more.