Receiving unsolicited calls at home is stressful enough but when cold callers disturb you at work, it take its toll on the company. For many, the workplace is a demanding environment and with the added burden of cold calls, it can prove to be unfavourable. Now there is a solution to the problem and that is the CPR Call Blocker.
With over 1.5 billion nuisance calls and a further 1.5 billion silent calls directed towards the UK every year, the issue is proving to be a major concern to businesses who just want to pursue the working day in a hassle free environment.
This CPR Call Blocker has been developed by CPR Global, the UK's leading anti-nuisance call service provider. The Call Blocker is already pre-programmed with 200 telemarketer's numbers that are recognised as being the most persistent companies by CPR Global.

Debt collection companies can also prove to be harassing and are known to bother debtors at work as well as at home. Nonetheless, such harassment is also considered to be illegal. The Administration of Justice Act 1970 makes it a Criminal Offence for a creditor or a debt collection agency to make demands which cause alarm, distress or humiliation, because of their frequency or publicity or manner.
Guidelines condemn contacting debtors at unreasonable times and intervals. Whilst the guidance does not spell out the types/times of when contact should occur, it does stipulate examples which are considered to be unfair: repeatedly calling at unsociable hours and calling places of work, etc.

Harassment can be verbal or in writing and would include making repeated calls to your workplace or in anti social hours. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 makes it a Criminal Offence for any person to pursue a course of action, for which they are fully aware; is considered to be harassment of another person.
As well as telemarketing and harassment calls, personal calls can pose a damaging effect on a company's daily outcomes. Many managers have banned personal calls during company time and rule that only emergency calls should be taken and received during the working day.

Making this rule a success can be achieved with the aid of the CPR Call Blocker. With its unique 'block now' application, certain telephone numbers can be blocked, freeing up the line for appropriate calls during work hours. The creator of the device, CPR Global has made every effort to make this product affordable and they are offering businesses a deal on multiple purchases. Nothing can be more irritating than to be ignored by staff who are taking a personal call on the company line.

Sales people attempting to sell to other businesses are known to be an extreme deterrent, often resulting in a lack of concentration for staff in their daily tasks. Often it is difficult to deter sales people off the line due to their high pressured sales tactics.
A spokesperson for CPR Global said 'Whilst the Telephone Preference Service can prove to be effective in some instances, for many the calls fail to stop. This is because our details are constantly being sold on to third parties and before we know it, our details are at the hands of many data houses around the world which are distributed to call centres everywhere. '

The TPS is also unable to prevent harassment calls, recorded messages, silent calls and malicious calls, purely just unsolicited sales calls.