Under British government plans, Neighbourhood Watch teams are being encouraged to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. CPR Global's new product can put a stop to the threat of financial abuse which is rife in older people's communities.
The CPR V202 Call Blocker is the answer to the deterrence of persistent harassment via the telephone. The device can filter out the irritation of telemarketing calls as well as putting a stop to any malicious, harassment and prank calls that may plague your household and invade your privacy.

Communities are being urged to play a bigger role in safeguarding the elderly as the population is ageing and the gap in funding for social care continues to grow. Although with the aid of the CPR V202  Call Blocker, there would be less need for the community to play such a role.
The device is pre-programmed with 200 telemarketing telephone numbers that are known to CPR Global. Its unique 'block now' button enables users to block a further 1000 telephone numbers at their discretion, which is useful for those who receive harassment calls. The device works more effectively in conjunction with telephones that have a caller ID display, which can be obtained from your phone provider free of charge (depending on your service).

An estimated 340,000 older people are abused every year in their own homes in the UK and only 10% of cases are acted upon. The abuse can take many forms physical, emotional or financial. 1.3 million Pensioners rely solely on their state retirement pension and benefits ² with no other financial means to spend on canvassed products and services.

Unsolicited calls are often specifically designed to target the elderly who are susceptible to handing over their money and/or details without a second thought. Businesses are fully aware of this fact and continue to take advantage of the elderly for their profit.
Consumer groups across the UK are renowned for exposing high pressured sales techniques used by companies. Isolated elderly people are often subjected to scams and pushy sales tactics simply because they want someone to talk to and many marketing companies are exploiting this. Our elders grew up at a time when hanging up on someone was considered rude, no matter how pushy and domineering the caller was.
As the government advises the general public to play a bigger part in caring for the vulnerable, the attention should be focussed on addressing their deepest concerns. Receiving unsolicited calls can prove to be irritating with some callers even resorting to using abusive language. By reducing anxiety levels, we can significantly reduce their need for care.

Research shows that victims of telemarketing tend to be male, divorced/separated, educated and between ages of 60 and 70. These factors are significantly associated with loneliness. ² Prevention and intervention efforts by social services are vital in assisting the elderly and vulnerable to overcome such prejudice.

The UK population is ageing and over the last 25 years the population aged 65 and over increased by 1.5 million people¹. This means that elder abuse is set to be an even bigger concern in the near future and action needs to be taken.
Whether it's distant relatives or friends who you don't wish to speak with, ex-lovers who won't take no for an answer, telemarketers persistently bombarding the line, or even scam artists trying to swindle hard earned money; the CPR V202 Call Blocker guarantees privacy for all households at an affordable price.
'We're frequently receiving calls from elderly people claiming to have been harassed by companies over the phone. The saddest thing is that older generations are targeted for their vulnerability. Now the coalition government has urged for communities to keep a watchful eye over the vulnerable during hard times, we can contribute to the vital role of preventing elderly financial abuse in the form of unsolicited calls” says Miss Powell of CPR Global.

As technology is progressing, our information has become accessible to anyone who has access to the Internet. Some websites stipulate the names of the residents at an address, together with their age, address, telephone numbers and even registration details for births, deaths and marriages.
This makes it even easier for companies to target older generations who may be more inclined to purchase a product or service due to their vulnerability, isolation and empathetic persona.

Miss Powell continues 'We can only urge that those affected take action and purchase a CPR V202 Call Blocker to combat future attempts of cold callers taking advantage of the elderly”.

Those who are receiving nuisance calls should consider purchasing the CPR V202 Call Blocker by calling the free phone number 0800 652 7780 or by visiting http://cprcallblocker.com/cpr-call-blocker-v202-ca...

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