A brilliant review from David Williams

To Mr David Williams,

Thank you for your kind and wonderfully amusing review of your product!

We love hearing from all our customers and we take all suggestions on board, en-devouring to do our best to deliver them in future.

Should you have any further suggestions we would be happy to hear them.

Kindest regards,

The team from CPR Call Blocker.


YIPEE! I have joined the “100 up club”!

I have logged up the unwanted, and unsolicited, annoying nuisance calls received with a starting point of 21/7/15.

I thought that it would be of great use to yourselves to keep a national database of such calls, thereby giving you a wide spectrum of thoroughly annoying, and sometimes quite rude and abrupt callers. You may then consider publishing a list with full details, including nature of the calls, to supply on request - to current and future purchases of your brilliant Call Blockers… Those customers can then decide for themselves to have a “mass blocking session” to prevent these “parasites” getting through in the first instance.

Could I ask you a question?

Are you aware of any government department currently looking into the possibility of outlawing these totally unwanted calls?
I believe some pressure, headed by companies like yourselves, would help to prevent a lot of anxiety being suffered, especially to o.a.p’s and others like myself.

By far the worst offenders are “maggots” calling from Indian sub-continent whose broken English, delivered at break-neck speed are almost always extremely rude!

I really look forward to your comments, especially your aims to bring more nationally pro-active activities to your company – rather than just delivering the little black box and hoping for the best.

A satisfied customer, who would love to see you becoming more powerful,

Yours faithfully,

David Williams.