5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

Are landline phones a thing of the past, or should you still consider using one? Find out if there are still benefits of owning these phones these days.

Landline phones are a thing of the past for many people. But they continue to be a crucial piece of technology for others. The primary home phone is still competitive in the era of smartphones. There are many benefits to keeping your landline. We'll walk you through just five of them in this blog post.

Find out why it's not time to get rid of your home phone by grabbing a coffee and sitting down.

1. Receive Calls Comfortably Through Landline Phones

Modern smartphones are capable of so many things that it can be simple to forget that they are only phones. When was the last time you engaged in a meaningful, protracted phone conversation?

Most likely, never is the response. Nowadays, social media browsing on mobile devices is more common than texting. Therefore, they are not exceptionally comfortable to hold to your ear for an extended period.

5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

Additionally, while you're on a call, some models may heat up. However, home phones—particularly cordless phones—are created for this purpose. Most contemporary models have ergonomic designs, making them much more comfortable to hold and operate.

2. Landline Phones Have Superior Audio

On a landline, calls are frequently more quality than on a mobile. Once more, phone components are almost an afterthought in smartphones. While the audio from the main speaker is typically fine, many mobile phones have noticeably worse sound through the earpiece. On the other hand, Landline phones are solely designed for conversation, so they usually have higher-quality parts in their earpiece.

3. Landline Phones Have Better Reception

How often have you been speaking to someone on your mobile, only to find the signal cuts out? Many people in built-up areas find that they struggle to get any mobile signal at all. Your phone might work in one room but not another—an irritating situation when you step into the kitchen just as that important call comes through.

5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

With a cordless landline phone, you can move about your home without worrying about the signal dropping out. DECT phones provide up to 50m coverage indoors and up to 300m outdoors. Even if you live on a larger property, you can get extended coverage with a repeater.

In an emergency, every second counts. Even though mobile devices have GPS, they frequently only transmit a general location, which delays the transmission of the information to emergency services. On the other hand, landlines are already associated with a particular address, allowing emergency personnel to trace that information immediately.

4. Landline Phones Withstand Power Outages

Although they function during a power outage, our cell phone batteries have a limited lifespan. It can be challenging to predict when the power will be restored, allowing the phones to be recharged, and when those wireless chargers will stop working. Even when the power is out, corded landlines continue to function.

 5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

If your phone service needs a battery backup that will keep you connected for up to 8 hours after an outage, giving you valuable time to connect with loved ones, call emergency services, or find a different power source to recharge your mobile phone.

5. Landline Phones are Good for Old People (and Kids Too!)

Older people have the most to gain from keeping their landlines. Many older people have trouble using smartphones because they have many features they don't need or want. On the other hand, a landline is something they are accustomed to, and most of them are easy to use.

5 Benefits of Using a Landline Phone in UK

Older people with landlines are also less likely to misplace them, which is another advantage. The ability to always be close to the phone when it rings is made possible by multi-handset bundles. Many models of phones, especially those designed for older people, have a button on the base that you can press to page your lost phones.

Landlines are frequently a good backup option to have for children as well. If something happens to a parent and the child cannot access a locked or missing cell phone, they could be taught how to call 911 in an emergency. They can also be a valuable way to let kids use the phone without actually giving them a phone.


There are still benefits to having a landline in your home, even though it might seem obsolete. You never know when the presence of a landline may make a difference in an emergency or when something unforeseen may occur.

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