10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

Many people around the world are struggling to get through spam calls. The number of spam calls UK business owners to receive has been rising for many years.

In 2019, there were more than 2.5 billion spam calls to UK-registered landline numbers, according to a study by YouGov and Talktalk, a communications provider. The study reveals that the number of people receiving these calls at home has increased by nearly 40% over the past three years. The number of people who get these calls multiple times has also increased by over 40%.

Many of these calls come from automated systems, which dial numbers randomly, and when a person answers, they give a sales pitch. The numbers they call are called 'call blockers' because businesses can register them with their local phone company. They do not have to pay for these calls.

Many UK businesses are unaware that these calls constitute spam. According to the UK's Consumer Commission, over half of all calls are spam, and only 3% are from legitimate numbers.

This is why it’s important to have call blockers at home for your landline phones. Here are the 10 best call blockers to stop spam calls in 2023.

1. Stop Spam Calls with CPR V100K Call Blocker

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

Once the call blocker is activated, this can significantly reduce robocalls, scam calls, political calls, election calls, and general nuisance calls. CPR Call Blocker V100K for landlines comes preloaded with 100,000 known scam and nuisance numbers that have been reported to the FCC.

The device has a red "Block Now" button on the top. By pressing a button, the annoying caller's number is stored in the device's memory, the call is put to an end, and the number is permanently blocked. This feature allows you to block up to 10,000 unwanted calls.

Selecting the CALLS LIST button will display the last 20 calls. If you want to add any of these numbers when they are displayed, click the BLOCK NOW button. By pressing the DELETE button while a number is visible on the screen, it is easy to remove it. Any cordless phone plugged into the phone base will block a number by entering "2".

The V100K Compact Call Blocker is made to fit perfectly next to your cordless phone at home or work due to its compact size. The big red block button is easy to use and can be seen clearly. And durable and designed to hold up under pressure.

2. CPR Call Blocker V5000 to Stop Spam Calls

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

One of the best call-blocking devices is the CPR V5000 Call Blocker. This gadget can help you avoid spam and robocalls. The CPR V5000 includes a spam registry containing 5000 known Robocall spam numbers. You can block 1500 more numbers at your discretion. You can add the numbers to the block list with just one press.

You can block 1500 annoying calls on the CPR V5000 with a single press of the Block Now button. It is at the top and is easy to use. Pushing the button will end the call and add the number to the block list. Users of the CPR5000 device can block calls by pressing the #2 button on their cordless phone, which is another simple feature of the device.

You can manually enter specific phone numbers into the call blocker to block them. Calls from particular area codes can be stopped when using this call blocker. The CPR V5000 offers a variety of extra blocking features as well. Your network operator must provide Caller ID services for the CPR V5000 Call blocker to function with your landline phone.

3. CPR Call Blocker V10000


10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

There are 10,000 preloaded known scam numbers on CPR V10000. In addition to these pre-set numbers, you can use a button to block up to 2000 numbers. The call blocker device can block all international, private, and unknown numbers. To stop spam callers, you can configure this call blocker to reject calls that begin with a particular area code.

4. CPR SHIELD Call Blocker

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

CPR Shield is yet another portable caller ID and call-blocking device. Shield's layout is very ergonomic, with buttons placed in convenient locations. The round form will become comfortable in your hands. CPR Call Blocker comes pre-loaded with a database of 2000 numbers, including robocalls, spam, and political advertisement numbers.

The device allows for the addition and blocking of up to 1500 numbers. To add a phone number to the list of numbers to block, press the "Block Now" button on the device's top. Additionally, You can manually expand the device's configuration with different numbers and area codes. To make it easier to identify blocked calls, the CPR Shield call blocker provides cloaked blocking options like Private, International, and Out of Area.

This landline call blocker can quickly establish a connection with your landline phone. With the last call blocking feature, this "land phone caller ID blocker" also blocks "0" type calls.

5. Dasym Plus

The Dasym CT call blocker is simple to set up. The device stores a copy of the call history and can adjust the screen brightness. A high-contrast display is also included. Its size allows the incoming phone number to be read clearly on the display screen. The creators will provide you with free technical support for life.

6. MCHEETA Call Blocker

MCHEETA Landline Call Blocker is the segment's final operational device. It has a sizable memory capacity and can hold sizable spam number data collections. The device has a list of allowlist and blocklist numbers that allow or deny a specific list.

7. SENTRY 3.1 Call Blocker

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

Compared to earlier versions, Sentry 3.1 performs differently. To block obtrusive calls, it employs several cutting-edge screening techniques. Sentry 3.1 is entirely automatic once set up. You can enter names and numbers from the allowlist to the device.

Sentry has a unique feature that enables you to leave reply messages for callers on your allowlist if you cannot answer the phone. The button interface is in charge of this land phone call filter's full functionality.

8. Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker

The Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker is very helpful, even in poorly lit areas. The ProSeries has an illuminated backlit display. The time, date, and a total number of calls are all shown on the screen, along with the name and phone number of the caller. The ProSeries call filter will stop known spam callers from bothering you.

If the caller is a spam caller, Digitone never rings the landline. The call blocking happens quickly in the background, so you won't notice it. The caller blocking will affect all devices connected to the same line. There is no need to use a line splitter or worry about static online.

9. TrueCall Call Blocker

The receptionist is comparable to TrueCall's spam call filter. Calls from known callers are blocked, calls without a caller ID are asked for identification, and calls from friends and family are accepted. It's simple to set up the device; all you have to do is connect the headset and the power source, and you're ready to go. Because you have access to the data because the device stores it, keeping your call log is also straightforward.

10. Panasonic Call Blocker

10 Call Blockers to Block Spam Calls in 2023

Use the Panasonic call blocker with your landline to stop robocalls and spam calls. The device's block list has 14,000 numbers pre-programmed in it. It may also block calls from odd foreign countries, 00-prefix numbers, and other things in addition to robocalls.

By pressing the red button, you can manually enter 2,000 digits into the block list. The green LED on the device will flash to indicate that the incoming call is from an allowlist number. The caller's name can be read out loud by the device in either English or Spanish.


Frequent spam calls can be annoying. The good news is that these calls are reversible. You must purchase call blockers for landline phones. Using a call blocker device is highly recommended to prevent spam calls.

Our call blockers are created to give you and your family peace of mind at home by shielding you from intrusive phone calls. Browse our selection of products or contact us so we can assist you.