How to stop scam calls

How to stop scam calls

Scam calls afflict millions of people every year in the UK. Calls range from simple unwanted calls from opportunistic businesses all the way to intricate scams. Either way, the effects of scam calls are severe and many look to stop scam calls for good. We have a number of ideas to help you stop scam calls:

1.) Register with the free Telephone Preference Service (TPS) by calling 08450700707.

Companies based in the UK must not make unsolicited marketing and sales calls to TPS-registered phone numbers.

Sadly, due to the nefarious nature of scam callers, scam companies pay no heed to TPS regulations, essentially nullifying its usefulness in the case of scam calls.

2. Go ex-directory.

Some companies, particularly local businesses, may use online or paper phone books to find numbers to target with sales and marketing calls.

If you are not in the directory then scammers have no way of tracking you down. Also the name and address listed in the phone book provides scammers information to support any false claim that they already have a commercial relationship with you.

3. Screen your phone calls.

This is not a way of preventing the call in the first place and can be time consuming, bit it means you won't have to speak to a nuisance caller, although their call rings may be annoying.

4. Keep your name off sales call lists.

Data protection laws ban companies from calling you for marketing purposes if you’ve asked them not to, even if you are a customer.

The best way to guarantee this is to carefully tick, or untick, the box in which you agree to opt in or out of direct marketing. be careful as some companies pre-tick boxes in order to confuse customers. Read these sections carefully.

5. Use call blocking technology. For more information call 0800 652 7780

Call Blocking technology is the only way to effectively block up to and including 100% of scam calls. Depending on how it is used, the user can select which numbers come through to their phone and which ones do not, to their own personal preference.

Find out more about the CPR Call Blocker Protect + which can block 100% of scam calls through its white list: Click Here


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