How do I stop withheld calls?

How do I stop withheld calls?

When you see 'Withheld' displayed, it's usually because the number is being hidden by the caller. This can be very annoying and causes stress since you don't know who's on the end of the line. There are a few effective ways you can block these types of calls:

1.) Ignore them

Yes that's right. Simply don't pick up anything which doesn't come in with a number attached. This is however far from a perfect solution. Doctor's surgeries and hospitals tend to withhold their numbers, so important calls could be missed. Also some individuals automatically withhold their numbers as part of a service to protect their privacy. Callers have the option of dialling 1470 before the number they're calling. This reveals their number for the purposes of the call, so if you have friends or family who withhold their number, tell them to do that when they call you.

2.) Block Them

The most effective way to stop withheld calls is to simply block them before they get to you. Most pieces of call blocking technology can be set to block withheld numbers automatically. This works on the basis of detecting the caller ID signal so you will need caller ID service active on your line. Whenever a call comes in that is withheld the call blocker will automatically block the call. If you expect calls from places or individuals such as surgeries which withhold your number, tell them to dial 1470 before your number when they call you. This will reveal their number, allowing them to call through. 

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