What You Need To Know About WATCHU Guardian

What You Need To Know About WATCHU Guardian

At CPR Global Tech, creating the greatly needed CPR Call Blocker range was just that start in protecting people. As a company, it has always been of paramount importance to push our technology in new and exciting ways to enhance the lives of consumers.

After much discussion and the success of the WATCHU for children, we took the idea and turned it on its head, to create a suitable and innovative product for adults. After rigorous testing, we are thrilled to launch the WATCHU Guardian.

A new innovative GPS Tracking Mobile Phone Watch that aims to revolutionise the elderly care and security industry. People want to stay in their homes as long as possible. With the rising costs of support and care, we sought an interim solution that would give users the ability to be contactable and traceable at all times.


WATCHU is designed to be subtle, with a built in SOS button and a Chameleon SIM that connects to the strongest available network, the wearer can remain in touch with loved ones or care providers. The App user can set alarms for the watch, ring it, locate it, track its movements, set geo-zones for safety and add multiple watches to the App if necessary. 

For more information regarding the WATCHU Guardian, click HERE. We have an exclusive offer for existing CPR customers their family and friends, take advantage of £20 OFF the WATCHU Guardian. Use code 20GUARD2017 at checkout.




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