Top three scams of 2018 so far....

Top three scams of 2018 so far....

With the first quarter of 2018 already behind us we have seen several telephone scams doing the rounds already this year.


One of the most common scams reported in the UK so far this year has been the ‘Phantom Debt Scam’, which has been reported heavily throughout Scotland and in England. In this type of scam, the caller has been posing as a debt collector or enforcement officer trying to impose a fake high court order for a large sum of cash.


Another shocking scam that has arisen in 2018 has seen scammers posing as the very people who try to protect your phone line. Just last month Councillor Clarence Barrett warned residents in Romford to be wary of calls from someone claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) advising you that your subscription was due for renewal and attempting to take payment. This scam has also been reported in other areas of the UK.


A final example of a popular scam this year is the ‘Wangiri’ scam. The scam has targeted mobile phone users by calling from an overseas number and disconnecting immediately in the hope that the victim will call back and incur a high charge through an International Premium Rate service.


With several scams already claiming many victims throughout the UK this year, now more than ever we would advise people to be fully on their guard and prepare themselves against scammers and criminals.


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