Top 3 Scams to Watch Out For

Top 3 Scams to Watch Out For

As we reach the halfway stage of 2018 there have been lots more scams doing the rounds that we’ve picked up on. We took a closer look at three of the most prolific to keep an eye out for.


Police have been warning people about the ‘Visa Scam’ where fraudsters have been phoning up people pretending to be from their banks to check their details. This came off the back of the widely reported collapse of the Visa system early in June and saw scammers manage to access sensitive financial information from several people.


The ‘HMRC Scam’ has continued to be reported throughout the UK recently. Scammers are regularly pretending to be from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs office and demanding large sums of cash for phantom ‘debts’ or ‘unpaid taxes’.


In yet another shocking scam, three people in Aberdeen were recently conned out of £1.2 million after receiving phone calls from fraudsters claiming to be the bank. They managed to convince the individuals to transfer money from one account to another as their current accounts were ‘at risk’ and in doing so tricked them out of vast sums of money.


With several scams already claiming many victims throughout the UK this year, now more than ever we would advise people to be fully on their guard and prepare themselves against scammers and criminals.


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