Taking action against cold calling

Taking action against cold calling

Ellie Reeves, MP for Lewisham Weste and Penge recently called for a complete ban on claims management companies making cold calls. To see this issue being raised by an MP was a welcome sign and one that we would like to see much more of.


Last week’s news about new government proposals to fine the bosses of companies who make nuisance calls was also another step in the right direction. Making individuals personally liable rather than just fining the company will hopefully have an impact on the sheer number of calls being made every day.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed that they only recovered 54% of the £17.8 million in fines issued for nuisance calls since 2010. This new move would provide the ICO with the power it needs to hold company directors personally responsible with further fines of up to £500,000.


Daniel Esteve, Head of International Relations at CPR said: “In 2017, 3.9bn nuisance calls and texts were received and the impact can be devastating, particularly on the elderly and those susceptible to falling for a scam.


“To see that the government are tackling this problem head on is great news and something that I’ve personally lobbied for. Through our work advising the All Party Parliamentary Committee on call blocking technology, we have been able to highlight the devastating impact that nuisance calls can have over time, isolating individuals and making them fearful to answer the phone.”


Our call now is for other MP’s to back these new proposals and help put an end to nuisance and scam calls and protect people in their own constituencies.

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