Stop cold callers for good! The CPR Call Blocker Shield

Stop cold callers for good! The CPR Call Blocker Shield

At CPR we have a wide range of products to suit all needs. For keeping things as simple as possible we developed the CPR Call Blocker Shield. Just one touch of the ‘Block Now’ button and it freezes out the cold caller for good.

The CPR Call Blocker Shield comes is already pre-programmed with 2000 numbers deemed to be cold and nuisance callers. This useful feature means that once plugged in you will see an instant decline in the number of unwanted calls. This pre-programmed list includes companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centres and automated sales lists. In addition, you can personalise your service by creating your own block lists. If a cold caller gets through, one touch of the button and they’re added to your block list for good.

We’ve put a lot of time into our programming codes, they’ve been developed to tackle a huge variety of numbers that are known to be cold or nuisance callers. These include the Withheld Blocking Function, by blocking calls from all withheld numbers. “0” Type Calls Blocking Function will reject all calls shown as multiple 0s or a variation of fake numbers and the International Blocking Function will reject calls shown as INTERNATIONAL. These are a few of the many programming codes that we have worked on to make the CPR Call Blocker Shield one of the bestselling call blockers on the market.

Part of the CPR Call Blocker Shield’s appeal is the functionality for blocking calls for wireless and multiple handsets. Once the Shield is plugged in, users can use the unique code to block numbers from any handset.

You can buy a Shield from as little as £39.99 - BUY NOW
Don't forget that we offer free lifetime UK technical support!

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