PPI Scam Calls Beginning to Rise in 2017 Ahead of 2019 Deadline

PPI Scam Calls Beginning to Rise in 2017 Ahead of 2019 Deadline

At CPR people's safety is of paramount importance. We are therefore warning people to expect a rise in PPI nuisance calls as the deadline to re-claim mis-sold PPI approaches.

We have seen a steady increase in the number of reports of PPI scam calls in recent months, a trend that looks set to increase, as the deadline gets closer. August 29th 2019 is the final date to reclaim PPI but experts are now warning of a rush of people trying to find out if they are owed money, which will open the door for the opportunistic scam callers.

Here at CPR we have had a rise in the number of reports in recent months of PPI scam calls as scammers look to capitalise on the approaching deadline. Scammers will often pose as official organisations claiming that they can get you money that you are owed through mis-sold PPI, but of course, they ask for a fee, for which customers will often see no return.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently recruited Arnold Schwarzenegger to front a £42 million campaign to warn consumers about the two-year deadline and urging people to ‘do it now’ in a reference to finding out what they may be owed.

Although it is still two years off, the fact a deadline is now in sight means there has been an inevitable sense of panic amongst the public who still wish to re-claim back any money they may have lost. Scammers are opportunistic in times like these and we would advise people in the UK to be extra wary of unsolicited phone calls concerning PPI. For people looking to reclaim mis-sold PPI, we would recommend a guide on Which? that features a free PPI claim tool as well as the dedicated phone line set up by the FCA to assist members of the public with any PPI queries. We would also advise people to ensure they are signed up to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and report any unsolicited calls to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).”


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