Free Caller ID for UK Residents

Free Caller ID for UK Residents

It has recently been announced that telecoms watchdog, Ofcom, have ordered that firms must scrap fees for caller-display services from October next year. These new rules will see a dent in revenue for telecoms providers but is a large step forward in the crackdown on nuisance callers. 

Our range of Call Blockers are programmed to work in conjunction with Caller ID to stop nuisance callers getting through to you at all. The function also relates to our ever popular Block Now button. Taking back control of your landline and unsolicited calls has now never been so easy or accessible. Once a CPR Call Blocker has been installed, there are no ongoing fees or subscriptions, and lifetime customer and tech support are available from our friendly South Wales based team. 

Having a landline is still of paramount importance and incredibly useful for your home. This piece of legislation will help reduce what has become a nationwide problem with on average, people receiving 25 nuisance calls per month, with residents in Scotland currently looking at 42 nuisance calls a month according to a report from Which? this year.  



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