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CPR Guardian II

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The CPR Guardian is a discreet comfortable elderly alarm bracelet designed to keep the wearer safe, independent and active at all times. It is an emergency alert system with a built-in emergency assist button, a heart rate monitor, mobile phone and GPS tracking with Geo-Zone alerts.

  • 24/7 tracking & instant contact with loved ones
  • Keeping you safe & secure when away from home
  • SOS emergency assist Button for immediate GPS location tracking
  • Mobile Phone calling, speak directly with a family member or loved ones
  • Fitted with our Chameleon SIM with £3 credit 
  • Locate, call & monitor the watch anywhere with our FREE APP (iOS & Android)

The GUARDIAN II is a GPS tracker that provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance knowing you can always be there for them whenever they need you. The guardian II has been voted one of the best dementia products 2019 and is an ideal alert system for those living with dementia and those who support them.

Whilst your preferred mobile network might provide suitable coverage for much of the time, there are occasions when due to network problems or your location in the UK, your mobile signal may be poor, intermittent or simply unavailable.

Features and benefits

  • Provides an easy to use SOS emergency alert button
  • Can be used outside of the home, where there is mobile phone coverage.
  • Programmable safe zone, to raise an alert when the wearer leaves a specified area
  • Destination alert, to advise when the wearer reaches a programmed destination
  • Open voice communication, allowing the wearer to speak directly with a family member or neighbor.
  • GPS tracking to accurately locate the wearer
  • Map location and street address provided on the activation of an alert
  • Lightweight and looks just like a normal watch.

The CPR Guardian II is ready to use straight out of the box, complete with a pre-installed CPR Chameleon SIM and £3 credit. The Chameleon SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all EU mobile networks, to find the strongest signal making sure that this personal emergency alert system can support dementia sufferers from day one.


LCD round display panel
Li-Po 460mAh battery
100-120 hours battery life
Micro SIM card slot
1 power on/off + SOS + 1 dial key + 1 voice message key
Dual-way phone call


Shell material: PC+ABS
Watch strap: TPSiV® - TPSIV Dow Corning plastics that ensure zero chance of skin irritation. Soft to the touch, anti-bacterial & UV Safe
Watch buckle: Stainless steel


iOS 7.0+
Android OS 4.3+
GSM/GPRS 850+1900+900+1800MHz


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Guardian II allows you to make a call, send a voice message and monitor your heart rate — all without the need of a landline or mobile phone. And now you can complete a call to emergency services almost anywhere in the world, just by pressing and holding the side SOS button.

Stay connected when you’re away from your loved ones.

Emergency SOS Button

Smart GPS Tracking

Heart Rate Monitor

Voice Messaging

Prepaid SIM included

IP67 Waterproof - Can use in the shower or bath.

4+ days battery life in manual mode

Carers can monitor the watch from the Guardian APP

Pre-Installed CPR Chameleon SIM with £3 of credit - One Sim all Networks

Works straight out of the box

SOS Phone with two-way calls

SOS button allows the wearer to call to a relative, carer or telecare service without the need of a mobile phone.

GPS Tracker with Location Alerts

Personal GPS location tracker with alerts when the wearer leaves a certain location or area.

Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely and receive low heart rate alerts.

SOS Emergency Response System

In an emergency, the wearer can phone for help by holding the red SOS button.

Heart Rate Monitor

Guardian monitors the wearer’s heart every 10 minutes and sends this information directly to the APP. A low heart rate (below 30 beats per minute) will send a warning to your smartphone.

Set Safety Zones 

Geo-Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or the park. Be alerted when the wearer returns to or leaves a location.

Nationwide Coverage

Chameleon Prepaid SIM included which provides nationwide 2G mobile coverage.

Built-in Mobile Phone

Much more than just a senior safety alert system. Make or receive mobile calls straight from the watch

Easy-to-use Smartphone App

The CPR Guardian Smartphone App available for both Apple & Android allows you to monitor, locate, call and receive health alerts straight to your phone.

GPS Location Tracking

Wandering off is no longer an issue. Track the wearer and the route taken to their current position. Fantastic as a GPS tracker watch.

SOS Button

GPS Locator

Health Monitor

Phone Calling

Voice Messaging

4-5 Day Battery

How Does The CPR Guardian SOS Function Work?

In case of an emergency, 
hold down the red SOS button

This alerts 5 pre-set emergency contacts and calls until answered

The watch will send its GPS location directly to the smartphone APP

Family & friends can always  be there in case of an emergency

Free Setup Assistance

CPR Guardian Free Remote Setup assistance during COVID 19


Add the CPR Guardian to the shopping cart


Set the order shipping address as the wearers and complete checkout.


When the wearer has notified you that they have received the watch, call CPR support on 0800 040 8010.


we will setup the device and APP remotely. This way you do not have to visit the wearers home.

The CPR Guardian vs Traditional Alarm Systems

The CPR Guardian II
Traditional Alarm System
Works Inside & Outside Of The Home
Sends GPS Location In An Emergency
Constantly Monitors Heart Rate Health
Make & Receive Calls Just Like A Mobile Phone
Powercut Safe

Reviews & Testimonials

See what real families have to say about us

I, the family and the police are very grateful for the tracking watch and the help provided by CPR Guardian Il.

My husband has vascular dementia. He has in the last months started to go out and walk away from our home. I bought a CPR Guardian watch to help find him. So far he wears it every day and l have used the tracking system three times. On each occasion it has been invaluable in locating him.

Once he had walked about 4 miles away and I was able to drive and pick him up sitting on a bench on a main road. On another occasion, after not driving for 3 years he drove off in Birkenhead when I was at an appointment. When I returned and found the car missing I looked at my mobile phone CPR app and saw he was in a road about 2 miles away near the docks. When I contacted the police l was able to tell them where he was and within 5 minutes he had been found. The police were delighted with the tracking information and were able to take me to him and reunite us with the car too.

Finally my husband wandered from the house last week. I checked the CPR app but it gave no data. The police contacted CPR Guardian ll and they were able to help by boosting the tracker which then provided information that my husband was some 15 miles away in Liverpool. As soon as this tracking information was available the police found him in about 10 minutes. The police were able to call off the search involving police all over the Wirral and Cheshire. In 20 minutes they returned him home.

So I, the family and the police are very grateful for the tracking watch and the help provided by CPR Guardian Il.

E C Whitfield

Verified Customer

Good value, great idea for seniors

I needed a GPS watch for my husband who has problems knowing where he is. The location tracker is brilliant and unlike the smart phone (which he forgets to take with him), it is not reliant on one network. It is also very attractive and my husband likes wearing it.
Currently use it when we are away from home as he has other watches he likes too. It was very reassuring when we were on holiday recently.


Verified Customer

A thorough risk assessment

Great product. Easy to set up. Looks great and battery life impressive. Have received lots of compliments on my new watch. Very good value for money considering range of functions and remote control through the app. Would recommend this product without hesitation.

Marcus Taylor

Verified Customer

Definitely recommended

This has been an excellent purchase for our elderly father. He always wears a watch, so no persuasion was needed. He can't / wont use a mobile phone, but was chuffed that he could take and make calls from the watch, especially when the grandchildren said it was a 'spy watch'. GPS great for tracking him down if he wanders off. Easy to set up, make sure you download the more detailed instructions from the website, though, as the ones in the box are short and sweet.
Used the live chat on CPR website for some queries and had a really excellent response - best ever for any website I used. Quick, polite and helpful.
Definitely recommend the product and the company.


Verified Customer

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