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TPS - Telephone Preference Service, does it work? The Facts are that for the majority it does not.

The Direct Marketing Association - Industry Lobbyists

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a UK-based opt-out registry for direct marketing calls. Numbers on the registry must not be contacted by a commercial entity through the phone. Many of our customers choose to sign up for the Telephone Preference Service as an aid to lowering their nuisance calls.

The Telephone Preference Service does not block nuisance calls, neither does it enforce the law or prosecute criminal organisations. It is however a useful tool for companies that desire to undertake responsible marketing. Signing up for the Telephone Preference Service should lower or even eradicate nuisance calls from responsible companies, however it will not stop the unscrupulous and calls coming from outside of the United Kingdom. Also, certain types of calls such as surveys can still legally call numbers on the Telephone Preference Service registry. Some companies use this loophole to begin calls in the form of a survey, which ends up becoming a sales call.

We believe our customers should sign up for the Telephone Preference Service since it also provides useful statistics for the Information Commissioner's Office.
These statistics allow the government to make informed decisions on nuisance calls policy and craft responses to nuisance and scam calls.

To effectively block all unwanted calls to the home phone the solution is call blocking technology. A call blocker used alongside Telephone Preference Service registration is the most effective means for reducing and removing nuisance calls from the phone.

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