Say Goodbye To Unwanted Callers With The CPR V5000

Treat your home to the CPR V5000. Block all robo calls, political calls, scam call and all unwanted calls at the touch of a button with America's No.1 Call Blocker.

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The CPR V5000

It's time to treat your home to the V5000. The CPR V5000 call blocker. Block all nuisance calls, call centres and scam calls with the No.1  phone call Blocker brand in the  world.

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The UK's No.1 Call Blocker

The CPR V5000 puts you back in control of your privacy & turns your home phone back into an instrument for communication not frustration.

Protect yourself against  nuisance calls and all scam calls at the touch of a button.

Pre-programmed with 5000 of the worst reported nuisance callers. The hard work has already been done, most scam callers and call centres will be blocked immediately. Just plug it in to your pre-existing land line and you'll soon bring back the tranquility and peace to your home.

The CPR V5000 is extremely easy to setup and works with any home phone. It also comes with a 1,500 number blocking capacity, making it easy to block any other unwanted callers at the touch of a button.

Winner of the Queens Award for Excellence
Winner of the Export excellence award
Amazon Marketplace Export Champion of the year
Barclays fast growth 50

Comes with pre-programmed 5,000 of the worst scam numbers.

Easy & hassle free Set-up.

Block calls from private,
out of area or international numbers.

CPR V5000 Call blocker success

Block an addiotional 1500 numbers at the touch of the Block Now button.

Large easy to read 3" caller
display screen.

Simple  and easy to manage your call & block lists.

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CPR V5000 Nuisance Call Blocker on landline

CPR Call Blocker V5000

Our premium level CPR Call Blocker V5000 puts you back in control of your privacy with the latest in Call Blocking technology. Check out our 5 star reviews below. Block all Nuisance PPI, Political Calls, Scam Calls, Unwanted Calls on landline phones at the touch of a button. Enjoy the satisfaction

See Some Of Our Amazing 5 Star Reviews

With over 1 million customers worldwide, see what some of them have to say.

Lee Morgan

Verified Amazon Customer


This stands as one of the best investments I have ever made.

Bought this because I was being harassed by 50 - 60 incoming harassing scam calls weekly. Now I get maybe 2 a week and just see an unknown incoming call and hit the big red Block Now button and peace is restored. With 5000 preempted numbers entered in memory, the reduction in calls saw an immediate reduction in unwanted calls by about 95%.

R. Strickland

Verified Amazon Customer


I would highly recommend this device to anyone who is being inundated with scamming/solicitation calls.

My elderly mother was receiving multiple scamming and solicitation calls each day. The scamming and solicitation calls were drastically reduced immediately. When she gets an unwanted call, she simply hits the “block now” button. I was so pleased at the V5000 I purchased for my mother, I purchased a second unit for myself.


Verified Amazon Customer


I was considering removing my landline before learning about CPR V5000.

It is rare that I write a review for Amazon, as I expect a product to perform as advertised. I am so happy with the CPR V5000, that I had to express my pleasure. I get dozens of robo calls and solicitations daily, even though I am on the Do Not Call Registry. Now I have peace and quiet again and my annoying calls are down from about 24 per day to maybe 1. 

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