PROBLEM: Around 3.5 million Britons have fallen victim to telephone fraud since 2010 PEOPLE in East
Lancashire are being warned about scam callers ramping up their activity while people are at home over the
festive period.
CPR Call Blocker, which produces a call blocking device, found that calls regarding Payment Protection
Insurance refunds, computer viruses, bank account problems, prize scams and noise rebates were some of the
most common scam calls that occurred in the county. MORE TOP STORIES: In order to safeguard consumers at
an expensive time of year, the company wants to make people aware that scammers are becoming more
Kris Hicks, head of brand engagement, said that if something was too good to be true, such as someone telling
you you’ve won a large prize, it may well be a scam.
He said: “Instead of spreading good cheer, telephone scammers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes
to duping people into transferring money or parting with personal details.
“Although many of us simply put the phone down when we take a call we’re not sure of, it is often the most
vulnerable people in society who fall victim to these scams.”
A recent survey by CPR Call Blockers revealed that 15 per cent of people in Lancashire have lost money to
scams in the past year.
Four per cent of those people had lost over £10,000 and 13 per cent had lost between £1,000 and £10,000.
As well as the financial sting, 70 per cent of people felt that there wasn’t enough support available for victims of
The company’s technology prevents nuisance and scam calls through a device which is attached to a

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