How Do I Stop Silent Calls?

Silent calls can be unnerving experiences. Who is it that's calling without saying anything? The thoughts of who it may be and if someone is trying to intimidate us is creepy. This article gives the facts about silent calls and what you can do about them.

The truth about silent calls is that, for the most part they are not really intentional. Most cases of silent calls actually come from large call centres. These call centres use autodialling systems for mass calling campaigns. Normally these autodiallers call more numbers than there are call agents available. Call connection comes on a first come, first serve basis. Since there are more numbers called than there are callers in the call centre, it means that the people who pick up after that quota are left with silence. This is the case with the vast majority of silent calls.

Some silent calls may be caused by malicious individuals who wish to intimidate the phone user, however these are very much in the minority. If you think you are being targeted in this manner then it is best to report it to the police.

To stop silent calls for good, it's best to use call blocking technology. Call centres tend to use a small group of numbers which makes call blocking very effective against them. Call Blockers are simple devices which connect to the phone and are powered through the phone line. When an unwanted call comes in, the user simply presses a block button and the number can no longer call back. Take a look at the Shield Call Blocker which can block up to 100% of silent calls - Click here. For more information about call blocking technology, speak to our call blocking experts freephone on 0800 652 7780.

If you are receiving silent calls, we also recommend signing up for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

The TPS is a UK-based opt-out registry for direct marketing calls. Numbers on the registry must not be contacted by a commercial entity through the phone. Many of our customers choose to sign up for the Telephone Preference Service as an aid to lowering their nuisance calls.

The TPS aims to stop around 31% of legitimate UK business from contacting you. It cannot cannot do anything about rogue UK businesses or overseas companies making nuisance calls to your home.

We believe our customers should sign up for the Telephone Preference Service since it also provides useful statistics for the Information Commissioner's Office. These statistics allow the government to make informed decisions on nuisance calls policy and craft responses to nuisance and scam calls.

Register for the TPS here: or call freephone 0845 070 0707.

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  • Christina Gore

    I have a CPR Call Blocker and it has been useful as I WAS getting up to 16 unwanted calls per day before. Problem is the Call Blocker gadget has to be on the ground floor to make it work and I have a second phone on the middle floor of my house so I am more often than not on that floor so cannot access the call blocker easily unless the caller goes on talking for a bit and I can go downstairs with my cordless phone and press the button to block it .

    Norman Jackson

    My phone doesn’t register a number when someone calls, can they still be blocked?

    MR Leslie Keeber

    I have the All-IN-ONE CALL BLOCKER and it does stop most unwanted calls – if I get calls that I don’t recognise,I just press the call blocker button and I don’t get that caller bothering me again.
    Money well spent.

    Maggi MIller

    Since fitting CPR Call Blocker my nuisance calls have dropped by 85%. One of the best gadgets I’ve ever bought. Thank you CPR.

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